What Cities Should Be Visit While Touring Kentucky

Will you be traveling to the state of Kentucky anytime soon? To plan your itinerary, it’s good to know which cities will offer you the most fun filled things to do. It’s very exciting to go, a place that some people go from time to time, but they need to choose the right cities to visit. Although Kentucky has many beautiful locations, and it might not matter where you go as you will simply enjoy the countryside, there are certain cities that offer so much more than others. Here is a list of the top cities you should visit while you are touring through Kentucky, a state that everyone should visit at least once.

Visit Lexington

Lexington is a place known for its devotion toward horses. There is Keeneland, Sherlock’s Puzzling Place, and ComedyOff Broadway. You might also want to consider going to Malibu Jacks if you have kids because it’s a lot of fun, plus you can take tours of the many different museums like Kentucky Horse Park and the Mary Todd Lincoln house which is not that far away.

Visit Louisville

The first place to visit, if you are into horseracing, is Churchill Downs. It’s a beautiful layout that is perfect for both simply observing or betting. You can then go to the Louisville Mega Caves which has the most ratings of all of the places you can go, sporting some of the best caverns in the world. You can visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, and also go to the Muhammad Ali Center as well. It’s a great place to learn more about one of the best fighters in history, all in this wonderful place called Louisville. Finally, you can go to the Parklands of Floyd’s Fork if you would like to see a little bit more of all of the natural areas near the city. It will help you relax, and you can then head over to Beckley Creek Park before heading back into the city for a night out on the town.

Traveling to these two cities will probably be enough for a weeklong vacation, however you can travel to Owensboro, Frankfurt, and also Bowling Green. Kentucky may not have as many visitors as Hawaii or California, but it definitely has places that you can visit that will make your vacation special. You can book a trip online, choosing these different exhibits and places to visit, getting them for a discounted price. You will always remember your trip to Kentucky if you decide to go to these popular destinations.

Author: ikiai